Alaska Airlines flight

Alaska Airlines has become an all-time favorite for passengers and people keep traveling on it. So if you are planning a holiday to destinations like Hawaii, Mexico or Costa Rica, there is a high chance that you will be booking an Alaskan airline ticket.

Alaska Airlines is one of the most popular Airlines in America , having its headquarters in SeaTac, Washington, within the Seattle metropolitan boundaries of the state of Washington. The airlines operate with a fleet size of 334 aircraft flying to over one hundred destinations in the contiguous United States, Canada, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and Mexico. It has its main hub in Los Angeles,Anchorage, San Francisco,Portland and Seattle/Tacoma and is ranked fifth in number in the whole of United States in terms of fleet size, a number of destinations served and number of passengers carried.

The regular customers of this airline will not be surprised by the success of Alaskan airlines. The airlines have become so popular, mainly in the Pacific Northwest, where the company is based, that it is considered as a homegrown hero of sorts. The local people prefer to travel on Alaska Airlines as they have gained the record-breaking star quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson, who happens to be Alaska’s celebrity spokesman.

Here are more reasons why Alaska airlines have become a favorite among flyers.

It has a powerful flight schedule and serves a lot of destinations that people can visit. From its acquisition of Virgin America in 2016, the airlines have started operating in more nonstop destinations from the West Coast and West Coast hubs compared to their counterparts.

The airlines also charge low prices and fees from customers.

There is a facility to sign up for a mileage rewards program that is actually beneficial and rewarding. You get the opportunity to collect points for every mile you fly and not for the amount you pay for your ticket.

The cabins are really good and one can travel comfortably.

The airline also has a great customer service and is known for treating well. Employees are recognized as “empowered,” which you will hardly notice anywhere. Alaska employees are given the freedom to do things like waive flight-change fees, or give out free Wi-Fi codes, offer meal vouchers, without taking permission from their supervisor.

Passengers who are wearing the jersey of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (the company’s “chief football officer”) are given the privilege of early boarding.

The airlines also serve passengers of West Coast fare , delicacies by chef Tom Douglas and eateries from local companies like Tillamook cheese and Tim’s Cascade chips. You will be surprised to know that many people choose to fly Alaska only to order the famous cheese plate.

Alaska has become so popular as it has reached to the heart of passengers. They feel at ease and tension-free while flying on Alaska. Passengers know that they are going to be well-treated and taken care of, especially if something goes wrong and that’s what people who fly wish for.Alaska Airlines Customer Service is the reason that the airline has become so popular. When things go wrong, they are always there for the passengers. For all kinds of reasons, Alaska has become the favorite and Alaska have become like a sleeper hit like the indie film festival circuit—one nobody had heard about until Oscar season. But the question is will it be able to hold its popularity? That is for time to tell.