American Airlines is one of the Largest International Airlines in the world. The Airlines operates flights to both domestic and International destinations.  Though you may claim that being a frequent flier of American Airlines, there is nothing that you don’t know about it, there are still some things that you might not know about it. For booking you need to contact us at American Airlines Reservations.

If you are thinking to make American Airlines booking, you should have this knowledge about your Airlines.  It is easy to make American Airlines flights reservations. You just need to dial American airlines reservations phone numberto book the flights. 

In this blog post, we have compiled a list of 9 facts you might not know about the American Airlines.   The facts are as given below:

  1. Do you know that American Airline gets most of its revenue from the fliers who are not on its frequent fliers list? A general perception is that Airline gets most of its revenue from people who are its frequent travelers.
  2. Spirit Airlines may not be a big name but the biggest competition of the American Airlines is not big names like United or Delta Airlines. The reason behind it is that Spirit Airlines offers flight tickets for same destinations at lower or equal prices. Spirit Airlines like American Airlines also offers non-stop options.
  3. American Airlines is the largest Airline in the world both in terms of fleet size and revenue. However, the Airline comes second in the world in terms of destinations served. The first position is occupied by the United Airlines. You can get tickets at american airlines booking portal any time.
  4. One of the most amazing things about American Airlines is that it is actually an amalgam of 82 separate Airlines. The Airlines was founded in 1930 and in the last nine decades, it underwent several more mergings. Its most recent alliance was with the US Airways.
  5. Do you know that American Airlines is the first Airlines in the World which flew people? Yes, it was the first Airlines that that directly benefited from people. In the initial days, when the Airlines was still new, like other Airlines, it would solely transport mail. However as the time passed, it started carrying passengers without any mail. This way, it achieved the feat of becoming the first Airline to fly people from one destination to other. It was a beginning of a new
  6. Lounges nowadays are an integral part of every airport but there was a time when Airports around the world were without lounge facility. We should be thankful to American Airlines that made our Air travel easy and convenient. It is the first Airlines in the World that owned the world’s first Airline lounge. The lounge is a way for Air travelers to relax without the stressed out crowds.
  7. In the 50s and 60s, American Airlines used to offer planes to Filmmakers for Free. American Airlines lent one of their planes to the crew of “Three Guys Named Mike” Film.
  8. Today every big and small airline offers online ticket booking facility to the Air travellers, but it didn’t use to be that way. It was the American Airlines that launched the first electronic booking program by the name Sabre.
  9. American Airlines is the first Airlines in the world that hired a female pilot before other Airlines would do it. It first female pilot was Bonnie Tiburzi.
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We hope you enjoyed reading these interesting facts about American Airlines. Now what are you waiting for, dial American airlines booking phone number and initiate your reservations process.