Places to visit in canada

Canada is one of those countries that undoubtedly tops every list of travelers. It has plenty of landscapes, sky-high mountains, sparkling glaciers, and beautiful beaches. But there is much more to Canada than just natural beauty, delicious food, diverse culture, or mind-boggling road trips.

Canada might have gained the spotlight recently, but its beauty has been long due. The country’s snow-smeared mountains resemble nothing less than a scene from a movie. The glacial lakes are picture-perfect and emerald in color. The terrain also makes way for a fantastic playground. There is no dearth of adventure activities in Canada, starting from snowboarding on Whistler’s mountains, surfing in the waters of Nova Scotia’s or kayaking along with the crystal white waters of South Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories.

So, here is a chalked-out guide of the country for all those wishing to explore the unspoiled beauty of Canada. For those who visit or will visit this country, it is very essential to create a proper guide or suggestions that will make your trip more smooth and hassle-free.

 Keep reading to know about the ultimate travel guide to see Canada at an affordable price!

Cost of traveling to Canada

Canada is quite expensive, but one can manage to travel on a cheap budget if you plan your trip carefully. However, Canada is a vast country and one needs to hire a car to travel across the country. But you need not get startled as there are plenty of ways to cut down on your costs. A restrained travel budget for Canada would be $80 USD per day that will cover accommodation (e.g. dorms and humble AirBNBs), food, and potential activities. Your cost also depends on the type of accommodation you choose, the places you eat and whether you travel on a package or travel on your own. A mid-range amount would be $80-$200 USD, again, varying hugely based on your pace of travel, activities, mode of transport, and more. 

Which is the best time to visit Canada?

Most Canadians will agree to the fact that their country remains beautiful all-round the year. Canada is vast in terms of area and the weather is different depending on the region your visiting. You should plan your travel in the months based on what you want to experience. Each season has its perks like festivals, foods, and unique natural displays. Travelers might be in a dilemma while making a choice.

The fall is considered the best time to visit the country i.e. between August and September. The weather by then will be comparatively pleasant and you can indulge in some outdoor activities also. The moment the summer crowd fades away, prices will drop down and the foliage will change its color.

The span of winter stretches from October to March and lasts until April. Though the temperatures depend on the time of the year you are visiting Canada, Vancouver rarely gets snow while Montreal is freezing cold!

What are the places you should visit in Canada?

Canada is the second biggest country on the planet and you need to take multiple births to cover each and every part of the country! Even if you’re planning a long-vacation, scratching its surface is an enormous task.

To begin with, select one or two regions to cover. It’s better if you decide from beforehand what kind of scenery and activities you prefer to visit and experience. If you’re planning to visit selected places in the country, it is likely you’ll need to connect your trip with flights.


Flights to and within Canada are quite expensive. There are no budget airlines in Canada, and the airline taxes of the country add up to the ticket price making it expensive compared to other countries. There are Sale and error fares to/from Canada but one should also be flexible to avail those. Some international budget airlines, like Spirit and WOW Air, are planning to operate international flights to Canada. Air Canada and Alaska Airlines reservations are also popular airlines that fly to the country. For any information, you can call up  Air Canada Customer Service or United Airlines Customer Service before booking your seats.


Coming to accommodation, you will get various options to stay in Canada based on your budget. The prices in Canada are somewhat similar to that of Europe or Australia. For example, a dorm bed will cost you $20-$40 USD, camp sites $20-$40 USD, budget hotels ~$60-$100 USD (depending on its location). You can avail mid-range and higher hotels within $130+ USD. You can opt for last-minute deals but popular regions will sell out and surge rates in the peak season (e.g. summer and winter). You can search popular hotel search engines like Hotels Combined and TripAdvisor to get options.


Like America, fast food chains are quite cheap. Tim Hortons is their national coffee chain, where you can get healthy mediocre food. You can have bagels and cream cheese, light salads, sandwiches, and soups can all for the price of $2-$8 USD, while hot drinks range from upwards of $1.60+ USD.

You can get cheap meals from mid-range restaurants paying $10-$20 USD per meal, and upwards of $20 USD with a nice view. Breakfast is often the best option and also suitable for your pocket, especially at diners where small hot meals will cost you $4 USD and upwards. Having dinner in Canada will cost you the most as they are the most expensive. You can also fill your tummy eating from food trucks that are common in some cities (e.g. Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary) and can offer quick cheap food options.

So, the next time you plan to visit Canada, I hope this guide will help you clear your confusion about your itinerary and also manage your cost.