The ticket booking and managing process are more or less same for the Southwest Airlines what it is for the other airlines around the world and in the United States. After booking your ticket, you can track Southwest Airlines flights information on the official site of the company.  On the official site, from Southwest airlines flight schedule to southwest airlines flight check, you will find information about everything.

 Here are a few tips that will aid you in booking and managing Southwest Airlines flights.

  1. Search for a Flight

Go to a booking page and check how far the southwest airlines flight schedule is open. If you want to book a flight farther in the Future, go through the travel tools page of the website. Even if the schedule is not open yet, you will get the idea when Southwest Airlines will open the schedule for additional dates.

  1. Select a Right Flight

You can book a round trip or one-way flight on the official site of the Southwest Airline. A Person can book maximum 8 tickets at one time. You just will have to enter your travel specifics like origin, destination, and the date of the travel.

  1. Types of Tickets

There are tickets available for special passengers such as accompanied kids, senior citizens, groups. Just select the type of ticket and the number of passengers in the drop-down menu.  For Unaccompanied Minor, pets, Government, and military servicemen dial Southwest Airlines phone number and know the procedure.

  1. Promo codes

There are promo codes available to avail discounts on the Southwest flight tickets.  Lucky customers receive promo codes and they enter it to avail discounts on ticket booking.

  1. Find a Perfect Flight for You

Too many options can spoil your choice. So if you see there are many flights that fit your search, then sort them on the basis of fare, timing, and date etc. Go to the flight booking page, you will see flights displayed from earliest to the latest in the day. Resort the flights on the basis of factors that matter you most. It can be tiring, price, or duration of the flight.  If price matters for you the most, then tap on the heading of the pricing columns and sort from the highest to the lowest.

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If you want a non-stop flight, then you may require to pay more and the timing of the flight might not be what you may be desired in your heart.  Tap on the ‘Nonstop box’ and book a flight that fits your needs.

  1. Ticket Class

You can select a fare group- Economy or Business class for the ideal combination of perks and price.

  1. Pay your Fare

After deciding your ticket class, then proceed where to pay. You have multiple options at disposal when it comes to booking a ticket.  The most common option is to book your ticket at a ticket counter and pay in cash or use a credit card or debit card to pay ticket fees and other charges. Other option to pay with unused travel fund balance or via PayPal.


After booking your ticket, you can easily confirm Southwest airlines flight status online.  Once your Flight status is confirmed, you can do southwest airlines Flight check online starting from 24 hours to one hour before the departure time of the flight.

Flight schedule, check in to luggage policy, there is A-Z Southwest airlines flights information available on the official site of the Airlines.