Are you one of those five people who still do not know about the ‘Southwest Wanna Get away’ fare? Do you want to know the benefits and disadvantages associated with this ticket type? Want to see if you can get one for yourself as well? If the answer to all of these questions was in affirmation, this article is specifically for you.

Southwest Airlines is the largest low-cost carrier in the United States of America. Founded by Herbert Kelleher in 1971, the airline is famous for its customer-centric and friendly cabin crew. Southwest tries its best to provide passengers with the most hassle-free traveling experience. Similarly, the Airlines online portal lets us manage our Southwest Airlines booking giving the complete access of canceling, booking, check-ins, or even online boarding to the customer’s fingertips.

What is a Southwest ‘Wanna Get away’ ticket?

The ‘Wanna Get away’ tickets are, in a plain sense, the cheapest type of tickets the airline offers.

People who book ‘Southwest wanna get away’ flights save up a lot of money due to the cheap prizing rates mostly available on Tuesday and Wednesday’s flash sale. However, these fare types are the most prone to changing refund and cancellation policies. 

Are ‘Wanna Getaway’ tickets worth it?

Below are some of the benefits and disadvantages of the ‘Wanna getaway’ fare; go through them and decide for yourself:

  • This particular fare type can sometimes turn out to be a great save.
  • The pricing of Southwest ‘wanna get away’ tickets can sometimes be as low as five times to everyday ticketing. And if you are a person who just wants a cheap flight, this one is for you.
  • However, if you compare it with other airlines, many a time, these Fares can compete with some other Airlines like Delta, and the latter might even be cheaper.
  • The Southwest baggage policy makes all the difference. The airline does not charge a baggage charge on most tickets, including the ‘Southwest Airlines Wanna get away fare. Hence, this significant factor makes it much cheaper than any other airline ticket or competitor Airlines flight ticket.

 What is the southwest ‘wanna get away’ refund Policy?

Pay attention to these following ‘southwest wanna get away’ refund policy; they might help you understand what to expect when you were supposed to travel with a ‘southwest wanna get away’ fare ticket and, due to any unforeseen reason, had to cancel it:

  • If the client has a non-refundable ticket, like a “Wanna get away” access. They can’t get a refund on that reservation. The charges, however, will be transferred to a TravelFunds account including the taxes and fees.
  • If a “Wanna get away” ticket is not canceled at least 10 minutes before the departure timing, it may result in the blocking of your Travel funds credit, preventing you from using the score till further notice.

‘Wanna get away’ ticket’s Rapid Rewards points.

Rapid Membership is the Customer loyalty program of Southwest Airlines. The program lets its members earn points or Rewards points based on the miles covered by their Southwest Airlines booking or by shopping and spending money on items and facilities associated with Airline’s subsidiaries. The benefits of these miles are booking newer flight tickets, shopping from the Airlines’ online store, getting rental , and much more.

Fortunately, A passenger traveling on a ‘Southwest Wanna get away’ flight associated with Rapid membership is eligible for some of these Reward point benefits.

They are as follows:

  • The airlines let you earn around six rapid points on every dollar spent on a feature or facility provided or subsidized by Southwest Airlines. For example, renting a car, parking a car, shopping from the Airlines’ online store.
  • The airlines also let its Wanna get away users earn credits while flying as well. However, the points made are less than of other ticket fares comparatively.
  • On flight cancellations, the customer will get a return in their account. This credit is applicable for a whole year to make new flight reservations of the same type.

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