The aviation industry has always respected the military community for its . No wonder, whether they fly for duty, holidays or transfer, they obtain many discounts and facilities. If you are a military member, you can get a significant discount on Southwest Airlines flights. Southwest airlines have always been identified for its dedication and service and its commitment to provide the lowest possible fares. For every active military member who is involved and its dependents, Southwest Airlines offers a military discount.

This article discusses Southwest Airlines’ military discount for active military personnel and their families. To avail of this offer, the travelers are requested to contact Southwest airlines agents for bookings directly. When you need to make last-minute travel arrangements, the Southwest military discount is the ideal choice.

Understanding Southwest Airlines Military Discount

Southwest has a military discount, but it is called a military rate. It’s critical to comprehend what it entails. Finding a military deal on your flights is a means of saving money because travel costs are so expensive. It’s not as straightforward as paying for your flight and receiving a discount as you may get with other military discounts. When attempting to obtain the military discount, you must contact them by phone; you cannot do it online.


The military rate applies solely to active service personnel and their families. Unfortunately, persons in the National Guard, Reserves, or retired military are not eligible for the discount. In short, the discounts can only be availed by

  • Active military members with valid ID proof
  • Active military person dependents

Do Southwest Airlines Provide Any Non-Discount Advantages?

Southwest provides everyone with two complimentary pieces of baggage. The excess, overweight or oversized luggage costs are not imposed on military personnel going on active duty or permanent changes of station command, as long as these are less than 100 pounds and 80 inches insight. The luggage limits shall not exceed two bags.

Southwest gives Active-duty military members special consideration. Any active military passenger can board after the A group, irrespective of his allotted boarding place.

Even if you couldn’t acquire the military ticket when you plan your trip with Southwest, its cancellation policy is good. This is of great help! Especially when you’re reserving your tickets and worried about date changes, this will give some peace of mind.

As a militant, times and dates may vary, and the date of your trip may need to be changed. For this alteration, Southwest will not charge you a fee. But within a year, you must use the ticket, and it can’t be transferred to another person.

How to Book a Southwest Airlines Military Fare?

You have to contact Southwest airlines by phone at +1-860-590-8822 for for any domestic or international flights for bookings. Once a live representative has got you, tell the person that you want the military discount for the Southwest. The agent wills probably ask specific questions, so be sure that you prepare. Southwest will probably ask to provide a valid military ID or documents to verify your military status at the time of check-in. You can, however, ask the agent if the information may be forwarded in advance. You may need to take a few more steps if you are a member’s family.

Southwest Airlines offers VetRewards members a 15% discount on tickets and perks. The preceding terms may change at any time because of the nature of military discounts. Always verify the most up-to-date information directly with the firm. Only a valid ID is allowed when booking and purchasing. Southwest Airlines will require the United States Active Duty Identification card and Dependent ID cards for people who are not qualified Active Duty members and are traveling without them.

Things to Remember while Availing Military Discount

  • When purchasing military-discounted tickets, you will not be able to use your award points.
  • Fares will be refunded for military purposes.
  • The dependant of military members can only travel on their identity cards without an active militant.
  • On each flight, discounts cannot be used.
  • Station orders will be accepted when traveling permanently.
  • Extra baggage or luggage will not be charged for both military and employees.
  • Official websites, i.e.,, are not accessible tickets.
  • The consumer shall pay only the fare difference of the flight; no change fee will be charged.
  • During the flight reservation, both members and recipients must have valid ID evidence.

This article provides information and critical elements that active personnel and employees of Southwest Airlines may make use of while booking tickets. If passengers are interested in additional details on Southwest airlines military discount or there is still a lack of clarity about the policy, please contact the customer Service assist staff accessible on the official website or send an e-mail about the details you want to know, so that any senior officer will contact you and Service you in any manner possible.

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