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What is the Unaccompanied Minors Program of Delta Airlines?

The Unaccompanied Minors program of Delta Airlines is a service that takes care of small kids and babies’ traveling. With this program, Delta Airlines offers the best facilities to passengers under the unaccompanied minors category. They will get the special treatment and services that can help the kids or babies fly with their guardians in Delta Airlines. The unaccompanied minors delta offers amazing features: track able wristbands, Delta personal escorts, etc. 

What is the Unaccompanied Minor Policy of Delta Airlines?

As per the terms of Delta Airlines, kids whose ages between five to fourteen are under the category of unaccompanied minors, which means these kids need to get special care. So, they will be escorted by the professionals of Delta Airlines through the airport with extra charges. Apart from that, kids whose age is below four need adult passengers (above 18 years old) to fly with them. The age of the kids is very sensitive in this policy. So, you should make sure about the age of your kids and the safety measures you should follow. For that, you can also take help from the professionals of Delta Airlines. 

Rules and regulations for unaccompanied minor age

Here are the rules and regulations for unaccompanied minors as per their age:

  • If the kids are below four years old

If your kids are below four years old, they cannot fly with Delta Airlines alone. They need at least one adult passenger who will be at least 18 years old.

  • Rule if the kids are between five to seven years old

If your kids are between five to seven years old, Delta Airlines will allow the kids to travel alone but only on some non-stop flights. 

  • Rule if the kids are between eight to fourteen years old

If your kids are between eight to fourteen years old, Delta Airlines will allow the kids to travel alone but only on some nonstop and connecting flights. 

  • Condition if the kids are between fifteen to seventeen years old

If your kids are between fifteen to seventeen years old, then they can easily travel like normal standard passengers in Delta Airlines. Yet, the guardian or parent can pay for unaccompanied minor service for extra satisfaction and comfort. 

Fees for Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Fees and details

Here you will get to know about the fees for unaccompanied minors as per their ages. Have a look,

  • You need to pay $150 for each travel direction, and this fee covers a total of four kids. 
  • If your kids are between five to fourteen years, then you should be traveling with an adult (18 years old) as per the Delta unaccompanied minor program. There are some loopholes for the kids whose age is between fifteen to seventeen years. 
  • Both international and domestic travel is permitted from Delta Airlines, yet unaccompanied minors can only connect with Delta Connection and Delta Airlines. 
  • All the ids will get tractable wristbands, personnel escort, Sky-zone lounge to make the journey enjoyable and safe. 

Other information based on Delta Unaccompanied Minors

  • Age Considerations:

Kids who are under four are not allowed to travel along with Delta Airlines. Children between five to seven can travel alone in non-stop flights and the passengers whose age is between eight to seventeen can travel in some of the non-stop and connecting flights. But all the kids are not allowed to travel on red-eye flights. 

  • Required IDs:

Well, for domestic flights, unaccompanied minors are not required to show government-verified IDs. But for the international flight, the kids have their government-verified passport. Also, the guardian has to show proof of their kid’s age through the birth certificate. 

  • Ticket Fares

If your kid is below two years old and you are at least 18 years old, then you don’t need to buy a ticket for your kid when traveling on a domestic flight. But for international flights, you need to spend some money to buy a flight ticket for your kid.

How to Book unaccompanied minors flight tickets?

It will be a better choice to connect with the customer service representative of Delta Airlines to book flight tickets for your kids as you can get better info about the flight tickets and some amazing deals for the services from the executive of Delta Airlines. To connect with the professional, you need to find the Delta unaccompanied minor phone number from its official website. With the help of a customer service professional who is 365 days and 24/7 available, you will get the best deals, offers and discounts on minors flight tickets. 

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