Flying with your baby is not easy, especially when you are traveling for the first time. But, with a little planning, the first fly trip with your baby can be as momentous as his/her first birthday. It can be joyful, less tiring, and memorable. Especially if you choose to travel with Alaska Airlines check in that provides special arrangements for the passengers traveling with an infant.

Alaska Airlines is known for its warm hospitality and affordable airfare, specifically designed for the passengers flying with an infant. Along with an ease of Alaska Airlines check in, the airline provides the ground staff assistance to help you board the flight hassle-free with your infant. From Alaska Airlines check in to finally boarding the flight, the airline provides a flight attendant who walks along with you throughout the entire process. To know more about for other , you can call on the Alaska airlines phone number.

Alaska Airlines check in vital tips for Infants

Whether you choose to fly with Alaska Airlines flights or any other popular airline, make your travel convenient and easy by following the below tips.

  1. Board early: Certain airlines give you the privilege of arriving early at the airport if you are flying with an infant.
  2. As this saves a good amount of hassle and provides an ease of boarding the flight on time. Consider staying 30 minutes ahead to what usually the passengers plan for boarding the flight.
  3. Know the carry-on vs check in luggage: You must contact the airlines ahead of the time and ask about the baggage allowance policies.
  4. In case, you choose to travel with Alaska Air, call the Alaska airlines customer service phone number and know the policies for checking the car seat and stroller.
  5. Also, inquire about the extra baggage allowance with an infant. Know what you are allowed to take as a cabin luggage.
  6. Choose convenient travel gears: Make your travel simpler by choosing foldable travel gears that cut down on hassle.
  7. Go for dual-purpose items that occupy less space and make you more mobile. For example, you can choose a car seat that can also be converted into a stroller, so you don’t have to break your back carrying them both throughout the airport.
  8. Always pick the window seat: Although you might be an aisle person when traveling with an infant always pick the window seat.
  9. This helps in preventing the baby’s squirmy arms and legs from stretching out into the aisle where attendants and passengers are constantly walking back and forth.
  10. Breastfeed the baby during the take-off and landing: A little to more pressure inside the cabin can bother the ears of your little one.
  11. This is the reason doctor recommends to breastfeed or normally feed the baby during the take-off and landing. The mechanism of swallowing helps in keeping the ears open. You can breastfeed or bottle-feed the baby.

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Alaska Airlines customer service

Whatever airline you choose to fly with, check the guidelines about traveling with an infant and ensure you follow them correctly. In case you choose Alaska Air, call the Alaska Airlines phone number and know the latest update on the policies and regulations. You can also call them in case you want to know more about the Alaska Airlines check in. The customer care executive will assist you in resolving your all queries related to flight booking, check-in, or boarding or anything else.